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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Greens & Garlands
From Christmas trees to wreaths, garlands and greens you can find the most extensive selection of fresh holiday décor for your home here at Hicks Nurseries. Everything is on display for you to see and touch in-person under lights and under cover.

Fresh Cut, Real Christmas Trees
Bringing the entire family to Hicks to choose a real Christmas tree is a tradition for many Long Islanders. We have aisles and aisles of fresh cut trees for you to choose from and the staff to help you make the best choice.

Our selection includes the finest premium fraser fir, balsam fir and morin blue fir Christmas trees available, with great needle retention and longer lasting freshness. Many sizes available up to 14 ft. tall. Larger sizes available upon request. All live Christmas trees receive a complimentary fresh cut, trim, net-wrapping and loading on to your car.

  • Fraser Fir Christmas Trees are often the most popular choice. Frasers are known for their excellent needle retention, strong branches and fragrance.
  • Balsam Fir Christmas Trees have deep green soft needles. Known for its strong fragrance and shape, balsam fir trees are considered the classic Christmas tree.
  • Morin Blue Fir Christmas Trees have a double needle look and a bluish-green color. They have good needle retention and strong fragrance.
Learn How to Care for Your Fresh Cut Christmas Tree


Fresh Wreaths & Garlands
Fresh Christmas wreaths are available in an assortment of styles and sizes from 12 inch to 80 inches in diameter. Add an elegant touch to your home with a wreath you won’t find anywhere else. Wreaths are a great option for entry doors, windows or to hang over your fireplace.

Our selection of Christmas garlands and roping are a natural choice for decorating mantles, railings, windows and doors inside and outdoors. Our selection includes noble fir, douglas fir, cedar, white pine and boxwood in lengths from 15 ft. to 75 ft. long.

Premium Fresh Cut Christmas Greens
Use our fresh cut bunches of evergreens to make your own arrangements, patio planters and window boxes. Come shop our wide selection includes high mountain hemlock, green holly, variegated holly, incense cedar, berried juniper, noble fir, port orford cedar, silver fir, shore pine, western red cedar and white pine.

Our fine selection of wreaths, garlands and greens are available decorated or undecorated. Create your own masterpiece or let our talented team of designers work with you. We can create custom holiday pieces to match your personal style and décor. From a centerpiece for your holiday table to coordinating garlands, wreaths and mini trees, let Hicks Nurseries help you to bring the holidays to your home.

In addition to live trees, wreaths and greens we offer a full selection of sturdy fresh cut Christmas tree stands, ornaments and Christmas lights.

Come and enjoy the magic of Christmas at Hicks Nurseries. Our Nassau County store location makes shopping at Hicks an easy hop, skip and a jump away from Queens, Brooklyn and Southern Nassau and Suffolk County homes.

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Throughout the year Hicks Nurseries offers gardening seminars, workshops and events for children and families. Check back soon for additional upcoming events. Calendar

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“Best selection on LI. Helpful staff. Great displays for inspiration.” – C. Mazza. 

“Beautiful flowers, beautiful shrubs, beautiful everything!” –Kevin M.                                         


“I wish my backyard was bigger so I can keep buying awesome stuff from Hicks!” –Jeanne S.

“I was there at Christmastime with a few friends – just loved it – was so beautiful – they even had Santa Claus.” –Gloria L.

“I luv that you guys not only share this knowledge, but promote and support growing food by offering fall veggie starts. I will be visiting….. home grown food and urban farming is a growing (no pun) movement and by offering seasonal starts you are helping folks who might feel too challenged starting from seeds (especially newbies) and would have otherwise not been introduced to the delicious, healthy, and empowering experience of growing your own food. I have planted a lot of my fall veggies but I will still come and get my Hicks fix.” –Alphie C.

“Hicks Nursery has the best Santa! He is so good with the kids and always brings out their smile, even if they seem a little scared. We have been going to the same Santa @ Hicks for 3 years now and our son loves him. They also have a great little walk through, with mechanical x-mas scenes. Don’t forget to stop & look at the reindeer! Great place!” –Jen C.

“Great nursery and the best Santa every year!” –Mark C.

“I love taking my granddaughter to see hicks beautiful christmas, Halloween, and Easter displays! Thanks for a job well done!” –Mary Ellen S.

“The seasonal displays and activities for kids are a tradition for families in the area. The extent of varieties of beautiful plants and flowers, shrubs, trees, and outdoor decor is amazing. If you can’t find it here, it must be very hard to find anywhere. Love this store. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff here who advise on any plant or product you need.” –Geraldine S.

“My parents brought me to Hicks when I was a kid, and I always loved it. As an adult, and now as a home owner, I’ve recently come back after a long period of absence. What a wonderful place, filled with really good products and some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve seen in any retail establishment. It’s nice to go here, get the organic lawn products I need, and also have my questions answered. Sure, you might pay a few dollars more than “Lowes Depot”, but it’s well worth it. Nothing like rediscovering a great place. Can’t wait to bring my son here for the holidays later this year. I can’t thank you enough as I work to get my lawn the best on the block.” –Jeff K.

“I would like to commend you on the wonderful staff you have. A garden center should be a happy place. Everyone at Hicks had a smile and a pleasant word and I will continue to come back year after year.” Joan H.

“I just got home from a trip to Hicks Nursery. I was in awe of how many varieties of tomatoes are there! Actually, there is a huge selection of everything!! One stop shopping at its best!”  -Cathy A.

“Thank you for carrying such a large selection of organic herbs. I got behind in some of my seeds and really focus on an all organic garden. I was pleasantly surprised today by how big the selection was in all herbs. Got all the herbs I wanted.”  –Sophie L

“I love Hick’s for all the beautiful flower’s I plant in our yard every Spring. They have great quality and friendly service.”  – Erika M.

“I won’t shop anywhere else. Best plants in Nassau County. Great selection and the staff is both knowledgeable & helpful.” – Patricia M.

“The seasonal displays and activities for kids are a tradition for families in the area. The extent of varieties of beautiful plants and flowers, shrubs, trees, and outdoor decor is amazing. If you can’t find it here, it must be very hard to find anywhere. Love this store. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff here who advise on any plant or product you need.” –Geraldine S.

“You get everything right, knowledgeable & friendly staff, great quality plants, the gorgeous flower show, Otto and Santa.” –Pat B.

“You have such a beautiful display of everything ALL YEAR ROUND!!! Hats off to the “big boss” and outstanding staff as well – see you this weekend!” – Angie A.

“I shop at Hicks and bring the flats back to our home in CT. I will always be a Long Island Girl.” –Lisa D.

“Hicks has always been a leader in the Green Industry; even during trying times. I hope the people appreciate just how wonderful Hicks Nursery truly is!” Erik F.

“Beautiful! We’ve been twice and will visit again. The show is always a LI spring highlight – great work! BTW, love the new landscape design center more visible and accessible – had a great consultation!”          – Jacqueline S.

“I so enjoy going to Hicks. It is a beautiful place and I feel refreshed when I leave there. Hicks offers so much more besides flowers. I usually meet old friends there every time I go.” –Anne D.

“You have a great selection of plants, some of which I have never seen!! The blue orchids are out of this world!!” – Rae K.